We thank you for your interest in Lappert Skin Care. Our website is designed to showcase the variety of service we offer. Dr. Lappert developed the practice to serve the particular needs of people in the Huntsville, AL, and the rest of the Tennessee Valley area. The majority of our patients are industry leaders, government officials, business owners, and management professionals.

Dr. Lappert is highly skilled in the most advanced techniques of facial plastic surgery, including laser liposuction and structural fat grafting. Dr. Lappert was the first plastic surgeon to introduce the cutting edge technique of fat grafting for breast cosmetic augmentation. This procedure is used by women who are seeking to avoid the use of breast implants. Dr. Lappert uses the patient’s own fat to enhance the shape and volume of the breast using living tissue.
This technique has the benefit of simultaneously improving the shape of the area the fat is harvested from. Not only are the breasts shaped, but the waistline and thighs are as well. We refer to this technique as CRAFT (Cosmetic Restoration by Autologous Fat Transfer). It has revolutionized breast cosmetic surgery.

We’re also happy to be the first practice in northern AL to offer the revolutionary PicoSure laser system, which allows for the most rapid and complete removal of tattoos. Using pulses of light that are measured in trillionths of seconds, we can treat tattoos with much lower energy levels. This means there’s little to no scarring which tends to trap pigments. It’s even effective on stubborn blue and green pigment, as well as tattoos that have been previously and inadequately treated.

Our practice is aimed at providing minimally invasive procedures that give you the desired results with the least time away from the business of business. Our office is conveniently located, and our scheduling is designed to make your visit as simple and discreet as possible. For additional information about our services or to schedule a consultation, please contact Lappert Skin Care today. We’re backed by over 30 years of professional industry experience.

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